Portfolio These are some of my previous projects

IntraInfo for WordPress

This is a WordPress plugin capable of extracting information from a school intranet system, and display it with shortcodes.
The plugin supports the "SkolePorten" system by itslearning A/S.
It allows the user to add shortcodes for specific widgets, anywhere on the site.
It has many customizabillity options, such as wether or not to show a background and/or a header on the extracted widget.

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EuphoriaClicker is a simple clicker game, inspired by CookieClicker.
It is based on the idea of "Social Justice Warrior" meme, where the person in question is usually wearing a fedora,
and is very euphoric.

Now go ahead. Spread the Euphoria to the world!

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The Bully Boys Gaming Community Website

This is the website I created for the Bully Boys Gaming Clan.

It is a fully custom written and designed website with a low of features, some of which are:

  • A fully fledged Membership Application system.
  • Administration interfaces.
  • Discord chat bot integration for new membership and news announcements.
  • A news article system, for publishing important news.
  • Editable pages.

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Steam Match Maker

Steam Match Maker is a simple tool I whipped up in an evening.

It allows you to easily find steam games you have in common with your friends, and even picks a random one for you to play.
It uses the official Steam API, and even has a button to launch or install the game straight away.

Also: it's free!

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Choco PC Setup Generator

A tool for generating PC setup scripts using Chocolatey package manager for Windows.

This tool allows you to pick from a very large list of applications, and then generate an installation script.

It is very useful for quick and easy first time setup of new machines.

Especially if you are setting up many machines at once.

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