Martin Aaby Finnerup Portfolio website

Hi there stranger!
My name is Martin, and I am a freelance programmer.
You are currently viewing my portfolio website. This is where i put the things I make for others to see and use.
I create websites, programs and much more. I even create games when i have the time for it!
You can take a look at my projects over on my portfolio.

What do i do?

I develop software.

I code high quality software for Windows and Linux computers at a fair price. Free sample downloads are available further down the page.

I design databases

I design database structures for storing large amounts of information, such as orders, customers, products or comments etc. You decide, I will make it happen.

I write websites.

I also write websites, just like the one you are currently viewing. I have a multitude of tools available, and I can write a custom site or use a Content Management System.