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Welcome. My name is Martin and I am a programmer.

This is my Portfolio.


I develop software.

I code high quality software for Windows and Linux computers at a fair price. Free sample downloads are available further down the page.

I design databases

I design database structures for storing large amounts of information, such as orders, customers, products or comments etc. You decide, I will make it happen.

I write websites.

I also write websites, just like the one you are currently viewing. I have a multitude of tools available, and I can write a custom site or use a Content Management System.


I have a multitude of very highly demanded skills.
Here are some of the more commonly requested ones:

I can create websites using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL databases.

I can program software for Windows or Linux using C#.NET.

Finally I also have experience with a large number of other tools and softwares. I have experience with network setup and server management as well.

If you have any questions as to whether I can use a given tool, please contact me at the bottom of this page.


Here are a few examples of projects I have worked on. Some projects can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail.

WoodFolio - A Wooden Freelance Portfolio.
Price: Free.

WoodFolio - A Wooden Freelance Portfolio.

Text Adventure - Pre-Alpha Protoype V0.21.0.0
Price: 4,00 $

Text Adventure - Pre-Alpha Protoype


Do you need a website or a Freelance Consultant? Maybe a Software Developer?
Whatever your project is, feel free to contact me below.